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Re: Ki Usage and O-Sensei: A Question

Ted Ehara wrote:
Because both K. Tohei and Abe are modern men. Although the founder is only a couple of generations removed, his psychology represents the feudal period of Japan. K. Tohei and Abe knew that modern people needed to be taught i.e. communicated with consciously. The founder tried to explain, but he used the language of his subconscious, Japanese and personal symbols. The modern Japanese who sat in those classes were lost when hearing the subconscious language of their own past.
How do you know these things, Ted? How do you know that his explanations weren't partially the product of his getting older and perhaps infirm? Some of his uchi-deshi have said that some of O-Sensei's speech and actions reflected his getting older. For instance when he gave a 10th dan to the woman dancer, some of the rambling speeches, etc. I leave open a lot of possibilities, but I wasn't there and neither were you, I think.
You keep saying there are easier ways to do it. However you are unwilling to explain. Now that sounds cryptic to me.
It is cryptic. I once asked a teacher I was subbing for why he didn't show his students how to correctly move the body. His reply was, "They either figure it out or they don't". All I'm saying is that there are more common-sensical approaches than "relax" and 4 unexplained statements.


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