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Re: Ki Usage and O-Sensei: A Question

Mike Sigman wrote:
Then why did Tohei and Abe go to other teachers to get information, Ted? Why didn't they just "practice and observe" to get all from O-Sensei. Obversely, why did Abe and Tohei's teachers actively teach anything? Why didn't all those students just "relax completely" and learn all "instinctively"?
Because both K. Tohei and Abe are modern men. Although the founder is only a couple of generations removed, his psychology represents the feudal period of Japan. K. Tohei and Abe knew that modern people needed to be taught i.e. communicated with consciously. The founder tried to explain, but he used the language of his subconscious, Japanese and personal symbols. The modern Japanese who sat in those classes were lost when hearing the subconscious language of their own past.
Mike Sigman wrote:
I.e., your answer makes no real sense in relation to the question. For all the Ki and kokyu things, you're attempting to re-invent the wheel from cryptic directions, Ted. There's easier ways to do it.
You keep saying there are easier ways to do it. However you are unwilling to explain. Now that sounds cryptic to me.

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