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Re: Ki Usage and O-Sensei: A Question

Mike Sigman wrote:
...How do you know? If he had secrets, you wouldn't know about them, would you??? Both Abe Sensei and Tohei had to go to outside sources for the Ki information... why didn't they get it directly from O-Sensei?
Because the founder learned all of this instinctively. His subconscious learned and performed. His conscious self could not teach, only demonstrate. That is the traditional way to learn, through practice and observation.
Mike Sigman wrote:
...You appear to view the Ki-society approach as the only way through the door and I would suggest that there are actually a number of approaches. But each to his own.
I know there are other ways to learn this besides through the Ki Society. However I've always been aware of this paradox that I've seen people caught in. Am I on a journey of self-discovery, or am I just re-inventing the wheel?

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