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Re: Ki Usage and O-Sensei: A Question

Ted Ehara wrote:
Relax completely does not mean lying on the couch with the remote in one hand and bowl of chips on your belly, while you're yelling, "Honey, get me a beer!".
**Stunned disbelief. Makes note to self**
Yes, there are different ways to learn.What Morihei Ueshiba practiced wasn't a "secret".
How do you know? If he had secrets, you wouldn't know about them, would you??? Both Abe Sensei and Tohei had to go to outside sources for the Ki information... why didn't they get it directly from O-Sensei?
Michio Kushi is not associated with either aikido or the Ki Society. I think you'll appreciate The Book of Do-In, since you like the complexities of theory more than myself.
I only like theory if it has demonstrable practical results. My interest in the Aikido side of Ki, etc., is mainly historical, etc. My perspective, from many years of doing these things, is that there is a broad information base within a number of Asian martial arts, qigongs, quasi-religious practices, etc., on various approaches to developing "Ki" and related phenomena. You appear to view the Ki-society approach as the only way through the door and I would suggest that there are actually a number of approaches. But each to his own.


Mike Sigman
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