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Mike Sigman
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Re: Equitable?

Emily wrote:
He's been picking on me, but it feels friendly, like a dojomate who has decided that I'm "worth it" testing what I've got. I am in no way offended, in fact, I am sort of flattered and amused.

There is a diff between malicious endangerment, and raising the bar. At this point, we're just at the latter, and more politely and tolerantly than others who have entered the fray, in terms of Mike Sigman.
If people, including me, make assertive statements in public they should expect to have them challenged factually. When the only answer someone can make involves speculating about the other person's character, then it beomes a waste of time and insults everyone's intelligence, IMO. But you're right... I can see from your words immediately that you're a real person with a good heart and worth respect...not just some role-player. And yes, I'm using typical barracks humor (which is a little blunt for some people). Most of my comments should be read as casual "...but what about this part..." questions; I really don't get too emotionally involved in internet discussions. That would be losing my center.
We can actually talk about issues, here.

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