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Mike Sigman
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Re: Equitable?

MLE wrote:
To paraphrase Janet Rosen: we are just human beings in male or female bodies.
Sadly, that's true, but I think a more apt comment is that we're all animals (basically monkies), whether male or female, under the skin. Although some aspects of socio-psychology were pushed to the bunkum limit, the basic science of socio-biology tends to hold pretty true. A lot of our actions, wants, needs, and desires are built-in artifacts of the basic human survival strategies. We can recognize this, though, and change what small percentage we can, through society outside of the dojo.

One of the things Aikido or other martial arts should teach you is to roll with the fall, get up, get ready for the next attack. Life isn't easy. Crying about a fall won't fix anything.


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