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Re: Equitable?

Chuck Gordon wrote:
Development of a code of ethical behavior, and enforcement of that code, is what separates us from animals, for the most part (although some recent studies are leading animal behaviorists to think that ethise are more widespread i the anuimal world than has been perceived before ... they're more like us than we think).
There's a good book called "The Dark Side of Man: Tracing the Origins of Male Violence" by Michael P. Ghiglieri (he was a protege of Jane Goodall). Although some of the material is getting a bit dated, it's still the most comprehensive coverage of the spectrum of issues. The "rage and domination" stuff is actually about as passe' as the "testosterone poisoned" stuff we saw from the feminists for a while. Let's face it.... humankind is essentially driven by the same urges as any large primate, and opportunistic taking of what's not yours is typical in the animal world. Anyone who thinks man is far removed from animals hasn't been in combat or in the penal system.


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