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Mike Sigman
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Re: Equitable?

Ruth McWilliam wrote:
<polite disagreement>
If you do believe that rape is a sex act, then I disagree with you completely. It is an act of aggressive violence. Castration removes the physical ability to carry out this act, but it does not remove the mindset that would permit a man to be violent towards a woman.
Hmmmmm... this is a lot different than your first post with it's "Grrr" face, Ruth. Rape is a sex act by definition. SOME rapes are related to the "rage" and "domination" that you mention (so is feminism, BTW, in its worst cases), but not all rapes are the product of rage and domination, as its trendy to believe in certain circles. Think for instance of army troops invading or liberating a country. Often there is wholesale rape (monkies do this too, BTW) by the troops... it is not from "rage and domination", it is because they are males with a strong sex drive and they can get away with it. A lot of civil rape cases are the same thing, Ruth. To try to pigeonhole rape as purely "rage and domination" is superficial and inaccurate. Horny men (and women) are opportunistic, as well.

See? We can discuss this without mentioning personalities?


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