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Mike Sigman
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Re: Without this, No Aikido

Ruth McWilliam wrote:
What does split second timing have to do with resisting a force?
As opposed to the idea of "blending" with a force. If someone attacks you forcefully, coming forward, Shioda is pointing out that the "harmonizing" has to do with timing in order to use the person's force (aiki) as part of the technique. You could also, for example, directly oppose the incoming force with a force or atemi of your own... the timing of your response being critical to the technique. But as I said, my main point is that "aiki" means "harmonizing with your opponent's force", not only through "blending" but also with using timing to control an incoming (or outgoing) force. To go along with David's latest point, there is a fulcrum also in the direct opposition of a force... it is the feet. There is also a circle using the middle and the lower back. There is also a straight release of power.


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