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Re: Equitable?

Ruth McWilliam wrote:
Violent crimes are carried out because the perpetrator is acting out his rage in a damaging physical way.
Heya Ruth!

I have to disagree with you a bit in some aspects, though you're spot on in that statement. Rape and sexual abuse often have very little do do with sex. They're about power and domination (of an unwilling victim).

Animals do not rape and abuse on the whole, as it is a profoundly unnatural thing to do.
This often crops up as a sort of Conventional Wisdom, but from my understanding of behavioral studies, rape, bullying and other forms of sexual violence are far more common in the anumal world than we'd like to believe. We like to think that the animal world is pure and idyllic, but the fact is that most wild animals live short, brutal lives, full of pain and hunger and messy deaths.

, but the female still has to accept the male before mating takes place.
Again, this is sort of a CW view. Yes, in mamy cases this is the pattern, but not all, and certainly not enough for it to represent the wider reality of their lives.

There is no excuse for the rape and abuse of females by males in human society.
Agreed. Development of a code of ethical behavior, and enforcement of that code, is what separates us from animals, for the most part (although some recent studies are leading animal behaviorists to think that ethise are more widespread i the anuimal world than has been perceived before ... they're more like us than we think).


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