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Re: Without this, No Aikido

Mike Sigman wrote:
Here's Gozo Shioda's comments about this area of "harmony":

Whether it is blending with your partner when he comes to grab you or strike you or, alternatively, striking him, whatever you do, timing is what gives it life. If your timing is late, you will be crowded out by uke; if you are too early, uke will see your movement and change his attack. You should apply your technique exactly at the moment that he commits himself to the attack -- this is proper timing.

Utilizing that split second is what is called "harmonizing". It would be correct to say that in aikido all techniques begin from this idea of "harmonizing".

So my question is whether you agree that resisting a force can also be "harmonizing" and "blending"?
What does split second timing have to do with resisting a force?

Just wondering,

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