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Re: Equitable?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Do we need to go off-topic like this
You're the person who introduced rape into the thread in the first place!

Mike Sigman wrote:
I don't want to play the victim game where you're allowed to be insulting and personal and anything I say will just be construed among the victims as further proof that they were right.
I wasn't being insulting and personal. I was merely asking if my interpretation of your opinion on this subject was correct, and exercising my right to disagree with you. If you see polite disagreement as insulting and personal, that's your problem buddy

Mike Sigman wrote:
I assure you that if it were males pulling this sort of superficial baloney I would be much harsher and more direct, in case you're wondering why I won't play "screaming monkies" with you.
I don't understand a) what you mean by this or b) what it has to do with my post in response to yours?

<polite disagreement>
If you do believe that rape is a sex act, then I disagree with you completely. It is an act of aggressive violence. Castration removes the physical ability to carry out this act, but it does not remove the mindset that would permit a man to be violent towards a woman.
</polite disagreement>

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