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Re: Ki Usage and O-Sensei: A Question

Ted Ehara wrote:
You can't do any of those demonstrations unless you have mind and body coordination.
I agree, although I note for the record that a real nitpicker would take both of us to task since technically ALL motion is mind-body coordination.
You achieve that by learning how to relax completely.
No you don't. You can only be selectively relaxed. Complete relaxation would cause you to crumple to the ground. Correct relaxation is needed, BUT if you aren't told what to do other than just "relax", you won't learn these things either. It takes a certain amount of instruction. Given the poor successes of the average westerner in the Ki Society, I'd suggest that a bit more instruction along with the relaxation would be helpful.
One way you can learn that is through intense training over a long period of time. Your mind and body becomes so tired that your subconscious takes over your actions. Soon, everything you do is done in the most efficient manner. The outward sign of that psychological/physical state is a change in breathing. Once you capture that feeling, you can continue to develop it.
Well, there are other, more direct ways, Ted. Out of all the people I know with these kinds of skills, few of them do it the way the Ki Society espouses.
Another factor that most people don't realize about the founder's training is the breath exercises that are inherent in Japanese spiritual exercises. The founder was experienced in chanting and the kotodama. This all requires an expert usage of the breath. If you look at a collection of Japanese and eastern spiritual exercises, like The Book of Do-In by Michio Kushi, you'll see what I'm writing about.

This ability to relax completely was the difference between the arts of Takeda Sokaku and Morihei Ueshiba.
Hmmmm. Somehow I feel like you're tying Tohei's Ki practices, which he didn't learn from O-Sensei, to what O-Sensei taught. Yet O-Sensei didn't teach any of the Uchi-deshi his training methods, as far as I've been able to find out. Can you elucidate?


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