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Mike Sigman
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Re: Equitable?

[quote=Lorien Lowe]
Mike Sigman wrote:
Please... you're being insensitive and I don't know whether to vomit or to faint.... You probably wouldn't like to train with me, Anne Marie.... sadly, I'm not very much into cooperative martial training, but I tend to be friendly and I'll give you the first Tsuki.
(end quote)

The prosecution can rest.
This is exactly the condesending tone that people have been referring to, Mike. The only times you responded thoughtfully and politely was when you were responding to a man.
If I'd been responding to a man, I'd have been a lot less tolerant of the assumptive and insulting speculations about me, my character, and my martial arts. If you'll re-check it, I think you'll find that I'm polite to the polite and thoughtful and that I'll banter rather that retort in kind to insultingly personal remarks. If you have something to contribute to the discussion other than this one personal off-topic attack, why don't you do so?

At the moment, none of the people supporting the idea that there should be special consideration for women in Aikido or the martial arts has been able to come up with a logically compelling reason or a reason based on tradition in the martial arts to support their idea. Now it looks like the next tack is to take the "victim" idea a little further and, ignoring the fact that I responded to insult with only banter, attempt to start a side issue. Why are you doing this, if I may ask? You're acting exactly like a female caricature that you would object to. How about a journey back into the topic at hand?


Mike Sigman
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