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Re: Equitable?

Ruth McWilliam wrote:
What exactly does the sex drive have to do with rape and abuse? Violent crimes are carried out because the perpetrator is acting out his rage in a damaging physical way.
Because rape is a sex act and castration seems to limit it drastically? Do we need to go off-topic like this? I think everyone spotted this as a "victim" thread at the start and everyone has pretty much tried to keep the responses fairly light-hearted and bland.
Animals do not rape and abuse on the whole, as it is a profoundly unnatural thing to do. Female animals are instinctively driven to protect themselves and their offspring, and to mate to continue their line. Male animals compete with one another for the females, but the female still has to accept the male before mating takes place.]

There is no excuse for the rape and abuse of females by males in human society. It is a twisted form of domination and cannot be 'excused' by claiming that it is some kind of natural sexual behaviour - it isn't!
I don't want to play the victim game where you're allowed to be insulting and personal and anything I say will just be construed among the victims as further proof that they were right. Pass. If you want to examine personalities, think a minute about how this whole men versus women topic came up and look at the people supporting it. Notice that my stance has been that it doesn't belong in the martial arts. Notice the attempts to turn unsympathetic discussion into immediate character discussion. I assure you that if it were males pulling this sort of superficial baloney I would be much harsher and more direct, in case you're wondering why I won't play "screaming monkies" with you.


Mike Sigman
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