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Re: multiple teachers in one dojo

Multiple teachers can only bring about positive results. Along with Peter, there is usually one or two other teachers at our classes. Each has a different teaching 'flavor' and I get the benefit of multiple perspectives on the techniques. During most free practices, there is no teacher or authority at all; things run quite smoothly.

Regarding democracy, anarchy, and authority:
Yep, can of worms with me. I've been a part of several organizations that were run as anarchies. They were all successfull in their aims. I consider the dojo and gym I train at to be fairly democratic. If I have a suggestion or something I really want to work on, I have no problems asking Peter or any of the other teachers and I never feel out of line. It all comes down to a balance of maturity and playfulness. Authority rests soley in my teachers' experience in their respective arts, not titles or ranks. If Peter came to class with a crown on his head and made me shine his shoes before class, I would leave. That is, unless he was dressed as Darth Vader and promised to teach the Dark Side. Shiney shoes for lightening bolts: fair trade.
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