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Re: Without this, No Aikido


Or, if we can't or don't want to say what "aiki" is, perhaps, for this thread, it would be better to say what an example of not having "aiki" may be - please/thanks (just to keep the thread going). As for me, I think you can pull out what I would say "aiki" is and why it has to be part of Aikido. Plus, I too agree with your understanding - "The Way of Aiki" over "The Way of Harmony."

Szczepan Janczuk wrote:
I'll leave for our new age buddies all stories about energies, yin and yang, etc.

It is as always very simple: effectives physical techniques done with compassion for attacker.
Wow - for my money this may be a lot more "esoteric" and/or harder to pin down than any other kind of religious/mystical term. To have compassion in the midst of violence - and though I would agree - wow - talk about a hard thing to pin down, let alone cultivate. It still opens the door for non-blending tactics though - wouldn't you say? Can non-blending tactics that are effective and done with compassion be Aikido? Are some of Karate's more identifying tactics then Aikido, as long as they are effective and the practitioner has compassion in their heart while doing them? Can Karate be Aikido?

Thanks in advance for replying,

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