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Re: Equitable?

Stanley Pranin wrote:
If you want to conduct an interesting experiment, try this. Post a message with the following title: "How I would organize an Aiki Expo." Go ahead and provide as much detail as you can. Where would you hold your Expo? At what time of year will it take place? How many instructors would you invite (don't forget to provide a list of names!)? How much admission will you charge? What will be the theme of your event?
As the primary organizer of the 3rd somewhat annual (was it the 3rd??) Aikido-L Seminar, my motto is still: Never Again.
I had organized little things here and there, but that was insane. Fortunately all I had to to was wave a hand, and angels appeared to do my bidding ;-D . ORGANIZING them was the trick.

Planning a wedding at the same time was probably extra credit stupid, but it was fun and perfect.

P.S. I would like to extend a personal invitation to you all to attend Aiki Expo 2005 to be held May 27-29 in LA!
I've wanted to go every year.
One of these years, I will. Having moved to Germany kind of complicates things.

Hang in there Stan. I hope you have great help, and that your name goes down in the Guinness book of World Records as, perhaps, least appreciated budo historian? Should go somewhere next to the thankless job of Aikiweb maintainer and creator..

I guess the question is, how many instructors do you ask, and how many show? Of these, how many are female?

Other seminar planners? As members of the Aikido-L seminar planning committee for several years, I asked, as did Janet and others, for female instructors, nominated them, were seconded by all and sundry, only to be told they couldn't make it. It wasn't for lack of trying.

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