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Re: aikido vs jiu-jitsu

Wendy Rowe wrote:
...But don't give up just because he's got his arms on your neck; you still have a chance to get out during the moment before he sinks it in.
It reminds me of a story told involving a skilled samurai battling with a commoner. The samurai had the other locked up using highly skilled techniques. Just about the time the commoner was about to be choked out...he realized that his hand lay about the samurai's testes. He was able to escape. just imagine if he had submitted. We would not have a lovely anecdote to talk about.

All and all, for me, AIKI, doesn't mean to restrict myself to a predefined set of techniques (these are aiki and these are not). But to truely apply what is necessary and appropiate for that moment. It is all AIKI if applied in this manner.


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