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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

This is a total street fight situation. If you think that your Aikido is going to allow you to -re-direct an attack like that with so little room to move... well, it;s not going to happen.

This is a classic go straight toi the center situation. In our defensive tactics training we teach a "ready position" in which you tuck your strong hand under the opposite arm and extend the weaker side hand; keep the palm of the hand towtrds yourself, this is a non-aggressive gesture that looks like suplication. What you have done at this point is get both hands up where they can function to protect you without giving away that you have done so.

The moment the other guy moves you go straight to the center. Given his size you are going for the total incapacitation (also given that he is backed up by the woman who is clearly vicious). We taech a split dive off that type of positioning. The forward hand intercepts the incoming blow while the back hand goes straight to the center, usually delivering a palm strike to the nose. Immediately after the blow is blocked both hands go to the attacker's face whereupon you thumb his eyes, this makes his head go back whereupon you deliver a head butt to the center of his face and cave it, this naturally puts the head back and the groin close so the follow-up is a groin strike designed to bring his head back down where you can finish him with knees to his head until he is unconcious. While all this is happening you are delivering the most frightening kiai of which you are capable.

All of my defensive tactics students are trained in this combo specifically for this type of predatory ambush situation. It is designed to finish the guy with in the first few seconds. Variations include making the first palm strike a hit to the throat or a jab to the eyes and following up the head but with an elbow combination before going to the knee work.

The key to successful application of this type of defense is not being knocked out or subtantially hurt by the first shot. This guy was not capable of mounting an effective defense from his position. Any one of the most common sucker attacks would have worked: the haymaker (the one actually used), the upper cut, the head butt, etc. Some defensive posture the moment the altercation started would be the minimum reuirement for some sort of possible defense. Without that, he was toast before the first blow was struck.

That said, the possibility of further escalation would be very possible if not probable. The caliber of person who acts like the two in the clip doesn't typically walk around defenseless. That's why nothing short of totally nuking the big guy would be acceptable here. he needs to go down right away. Then I think there would be a very good chance of an edged weapon being produced by the female in defense of her male. Bolting for the door would be a proper follow up to putting the big guy on the floor. I can't imagine dealing with a large, armed, female in that closed space.

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