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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Well I just watched the video and honestly think that the poor guy did nothing wrong...the body language of the women clearly showed she wanted to cause trouble. If he hadn`t have said something I reckon one of the others would have and the result would have been the same. The victim (the guy with the phone) didn`t even initially seem to be aware of the huge guy (or perhaps their relationship) so reacted to the women in a way most people would I expect....nb she hit him he never reacted.

There were too many people in a confined space for any serious attempt at aikido unless you`re a seriously advanced practioner..the best he could have done was tried to block....actually falling down (not that he had much choice) was pretty smart....
I reckon this shows that some knowledge of other arts eg. karate is very useful but even so against someone that size all you can do is try to block, perhaps throw a partly disabling kick to some sensitive area and leg it. However I doubt anything would have helped him much.
The guy has my sympathy and I personally lay pretty much all the blame on the women to be honest. Big guy shouldn`t have laid in to him but was put in a position where he either dragged his girlfriend out or "protected" her (even though it was her fault)...sadly he made the wrong decision.

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