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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Jean de Rochefort wrote:
All that stuff you said is real nice in a dojo or church or some other bubble.
Well to each his own - we don't agree.

However, I think it is important to note that such views are never born in dojo, churches, or some other bubble - places of quarantine. These views come from the pits of human culture - where culture fails most. It's like that - always. Give me a world religion that speaks about the commonality of Man and that was NOT born in the ghetto and you'll win a prize! While these things seem to you to be foreign to reality, I must say that your own view smells to me of the "outsider looking in" or of "middle and/or upper middle class," etc. This is how our views look to each other - because I'm thinking we are coming from different backgrounds.

Believe me, that guy that got whacked and the guy that whacked him were from different backgrounds too. And while the guy that got whacked may have been thinking that he didn't deserve that and/or that he was violated in some way, the guy that whacked him never for a minute pondered over issues of "deserving" and/or of being the great deliverer of some sort of moral street code. After the fact, he was just thinking he "knocked him the 'bleep' out," and then after that he goes on to fight with his woman over what happened and why and what's going to happen next. Notions of who deserved what and why was never anything I came up against where I grew up (i.e. poverty avenue, Pomona, CA) - though I always saw it in Hollywood and/or in the cops that "visited" our neighborhood as part of their job.

In other words,if you are coming up in your experience with some notions of surety and purpose, such as "what is deserved," and that works to explain the true randomness of such violence to you, then we are never going to see eye to eye on this. Where I grew up, that kind of violence (like that) was always random, and that was what was most pressing about it. You either learned to live with it - with that randomness - or you went off the deep-end when any type of "street code" you had miserably failed at making sense of things (as it always will).

In short, while I have my philosophical objections to your position (which would include you seeing that by your own logic you should accept that attacks on you by other posters as something you "deserved" - but that would be silly), your view is too much "Jets vs. Sharks" for me to consider it as the "real" reason why that all went down the way it did (or should).

David M. Valadez
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