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Re: Equitable?

Anne Marie Giri wrote:
Wow, a lot has been posted since I was last here,and I'm really glad to see a much more thoughtful discussion going on. It was really a flame fest there at first.
I just looked back.... I didn't see a "flame fest". Can you point out where there was a flame fest versus a discussion with different people expressing different views than your own?
Since, there is no actual discrimination on Mr. Pranin's part, no, he should not be required to meet certain quotas (like some institutions must as a result of a pattern and practice of discrimination).
I must have missed this one. I wasn't aware that some institutions were forced to meet quotas. Can you point me to which ones? Thanks.
To others, that keep insisting gender isn't an issue. It think the more thoughtful discusion for AND against such a proposition shows that it IS an issue. Now, the question really is, "how much of an issue is gender for women." For me, it is only one factor among many that affects my training. For others, it will be a hugh issue especially if they have been victimes of assault/ battery (sexual or otherwise). Just getting on the mat with other men can be really hard. Many victims of sexual assault don't even like to be touched. So given this, training with men will be very difficult. For others it will play a role, but won't be dominant. For me, it has been really helpful to have a higher ranked woman on the mat. For me, that's Penny Bernath, who's a 5th dan and well respected within our organization.
Say hi to Penny for me. I trained with her when we were both starting out in the mid-70's. Aside from that, I hope there's a focus on Aikido in your dojo and not a lot of tangents like "sexual awareness"... the conversation in the thread is really at the point where O-Sensei's admonition to worry about changing yourself and not changing others has been made. Do you think men should be trained at the dojo to be more aware of women's special needs?
But sometimes crappy things even happen in the best dojos.
Granted, they do. Sometimes they're started by men and sometimes it's women doing the trouble-making, flirting, etc. Hopefully we needn't get into a lengthy discussion cataloguing evils done by either side.
When I said women need "support", what I meant was that then need someone to talk to if something happens, and it doesn't have to be something so obviously wrong as the above incident. It means not dismissing her question (a great example of dismissing someone's concern is illustrated by many of the initial responders in this thread), but addressing it.
That's a rather gratuitous mischaracterization of the people who don't take your view of the issue, isn't it?
Finally, when I asked "where's George" I wasn't calling on a man to come defend me, but sometimes their words, with the same words can dispel hostitily...and IT DID. Remember what I said before Emily..."only Nixon, can go to China."
What "hostility" are you talking about exactly?
As to those calling on me to do something...oh, I have been. I just don't have to tell YOU about it. I'm all about action, too. (snipsky) It is culturally acceptable to "do Tae Bo" but not necessarily so to do a rough and tumble martial art.
You do a "rough and tumble martial art"? Do you consider Aikido a "rough and tumble" martial art, seriously?


Mike Sigman
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