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Dave Humm wrote:
I'd appreciate your comments (good or bad)
I think overall, it's pretty good, despite the spelling errors. In it, you also make a couple of assumptions about the mechanics of a sword cut. One is that there needs to be some sort of pulling motion. This is style specific. Some use pulling motion, some use levering motion, and some use pushing motion. There are probably styles that use mechanics not properly any of those three. The second is that the sword must be raised to cut: that the sword wielder starts in chudan. Though popular in kendo, it's not nearly as popular in many kenjutsu ryuha. And unless the sword wielder intends to thrust (which I've never seen as the attack in aikido tachidori), there's no reason to be in chudan when the other person is unarmed. Jodan, hasso, and their variants give almost as many options and eliminate the time spent on an upswing.

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