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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

I think when we ask "How could this situation have been resolved/avoided" what we are all really asking is "Could I have dealt with this situation without getting my face pounded like that poor guy." We want to know, after spending all that time, effort and money at the dojo, would I have been any different than this schmuck. Personally, I can't say for sure I would have be. Fights are chaotic things, it's impossible to tell the outcome by interjecting myself in the place of the victim.

I think what we should be asking is "what can we learn from this episode about how to deal with real life violence?" I think that the most applicable lesson to be learned here is: be aware of your surroundings. By this I don't just mean don't talk on your cell phone while a 300lb monster is breathing down your neck. I mean, the next time you are waiting in a line or sitting in a restaurant, or spending any amount of time in a public or semi-public place, be aware of where you are, what is around you, how much room you have to maneuver, where the exits are, and how to get to them. One thing I noticed from the video is that the victim never had a chance to run because he was backed into a corner made by the wall and his fellow customers. Diffusing the situation involves an unstable human factor, but simply placing yourself in a spot where you can run, or at least have some room to work if you have to deal with someone physically is something that we can all do and it is not dependent on anyone else's actions or inactions.
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