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Re: Equitable?

Rob Liberti wrote:
While it is certainly a valid point, I don't think it is so valid that we should try to make the Aiki Expo equitable by inviting people with less ability than the 33 men who accepted the invitations.
Actually I completely agree with this.

If there were an all female sensei aikido seminar anywhere near me, I'd go. However, and let's be honest, if they were all 5th and 6th degree black belts and it happend to be at the same time Endo sensei (at 8th degree black belt) was doing a seminar about the same distance away - I'd go see the more senior instructor. Wouldn't you?
Depends. We have Minegishi sensei (6th dan IIRC) coming in a few weeks, and that's where I'm going to be, I don't care who else might be giving seminars at the same time.

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