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Re: Equitable?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Heh. I wish I had the brass to forward your comment to him... he is the liberal's liberal and even wrote for one of the liberal radio shows. However, I dasn't. The word "racism" applied to him might make him apoplectic.
Japanese racism can be subtle compared to the racism that you find in the US, but it's quite common - even among "liberal" Japanese.

Mike Sigman wrote:
In a way, though, he wasn't comparing Japanese practice to US practice.... he was commenting on the attitude of Japanese instructors toward US students. I've been out of the big picture for a while, so my views may not be totally current, but I know a little of what he says has an element of truth to it. I've seen and heard some of the attitudes and some of the long-term Japanese certainly appear to have gotten tired of the preponderance of New Age among Aikido ranks.
Like Rob, I know a number of senior Japanese instructors who think differently. There is a lot of new age stuff in US Aikido (there's some weird folks in Japan, too, for that matter), but that's evidence that Aikido is alive and growing in the US, as opposed to the stagnancy that you see many places in Japan.



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