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Re: Equitable?

Out of 35 people invited, not a single kyu gai (beginner) asked to teach. How is that equitable?! Or am I just being silly (in a hopefully very pointed way...)

You address the gender problem by preserving the dojo as the spiritual oasis it should be. You make sure each student knows you believe in their ability to progress and that you support them. You disallow people disrespecting each other for any reason. You create a feeling of trust where the students feel they can give you feedback when something is not right. You enourage feedback amoung all of the members. This art is about intimacy - people should know what you think. If what you think is not acceptable for the dojo you need to change or leave. Other little factors - completely disallow directly pushing, pulling, lifting, cranking, threatening, or ignoring your partner. Find the best teachers available and learn from all of them. Run your dojo that way for 25 years, and you might find a few more women at the top ranks.

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