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Re: Equitable?

Larry Camejo wrote:
The use of the Military is a good parallel to this argument I think, Does anyone have statistics of which armed force in the world have the most women on active duty in active combat capacities (not support forces mind you) and what the ratio is from women to men in this area?
I saw an interesting interview of an Israeli officer where the reporter asked pretty much the same question. The Israeli's don't use women in combat, apparently. What the officer said was essentially, "We will leave that sort of social experimentation to you Americans; we are fighting a real war for our survival here." Makes you stop and think. Many of the "pressing social concerns" we have are actually the products of a rich, somewhat decadent society with too much discretionary time and money, perhaps. If life was harder, maybe we'd have less time to complain? If we trained harder we wouldn't have time to devote to so many other issues?

Along those same lines, I just got off the phone with a long-time friend who has done Aikido at least 35 years and he just made the comment that he doesn't know a single native Japanese instructor that really thinks Americans will ever devote the time and energy to really be good at Aikido.... interesting and troubling thought.

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