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Re: Equitable?

Gaia Thurston-Shaine wrote:
While I realize that some people might like to see big guys getting thrown around, I don't think picking men based on ukemi ability has any logic. In my experience, women often have the most connected, smooth and all around great ukemi skills. Big, musclular guys often seem to be rather stiff and heavy and less likely to connect well to the technique. If the point is to look tough as nage to an audience of non-aikidoka, then perhaps this choice would make sense, but at a seminar choosing men because of their assumed ability makes absolutely no sense.
Since you quoted from a post of mine in order to make this comment, let me point out that I wasn't suggesting strong-brute Uke's or "the most connected" ukemi's, either one. I was suggesting that many demonstraters will try to use the most athletic person, least likely to get injured, so that the teaching point can be made without incident or distraction. Sometimes that's a female, but statistically it's not, as most people with experience would probably agree.


Mike Sigman
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