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Re: Poll: How meaningful are other people's aikido rank to you?

Ed OConnor wrote:
First of all I said HELPS define... not exclusively defines. And your assumption that it has _absolutely_ nothing to do with it seems a bit extreme as there are no absolutes in anything.
Hi Ed,

It wasn't an assumption as much as a conclusion I gained from reading quite a few articles I found whilst researching the subject.

Ed OConnor wrote:
I disagree. By your definition someone who joined a dojo 10 years ago, practiced for a month, never tested for rank, took 9 years off and just returned, is Sempai to someone who started any time after (even a month), has been practicing 4-5 days a week, and has achieved any rank (including Shodan+), right?
I'd agree with that. But I would suggest that someone who only trained for one month and then went away for 10 years didn't really join the dojo in the first place, even if he paid membership dues.

Ed OConnor wrote:
Your black & white definition does NOT promote what is important about the relationship... namely who is able to pass on what has been taught and practiced on the mat with greater experience and care.
Maybe my post was a little too black and white, there are exceptions to most things, but I still believe that overall it is factual f rom the research I did. Having said that I can think of at least two instances in my own experience that go against it .

Ed OConnor wrote:
In my experience the Sensei defines the relationship. After that there are no questions.
The sempai kohai relationship is something intrinsic to Japanese society, it applies in companies and sports clubs as well as the martial arts. I don't know that it was something defined by the sensei per se, but I'm open to the possibility.



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