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Dan Herak
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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Dave Organ wrote:
There's no call for ab-hominem attacks here. Nor call to respond to them. Let's please keep this civil and argue the points.
This post is tough to swallow. It was the original poster who blatantly blamed the victim for getting beat up. Indeed, he actually did it in several different posts of which I picked one single example. I find it quite disturbing that nobody called him on it and I am not going to apologize for doing so. It is even more troubling that, after somebody blames the victim and does not get called out on it, I am then criticized for my post. Although I will not deny the harshness of my post, it was quite qarranted when one sees such attitudes expressed. Blaming-the-victim is an ugly game and the only way to stop it is not only to challenge the ideas but also the person making it. You say let's argue the points. Fine, show me your original post in which you addressed this issue. If you cannot, then you are criticizing me for addressing it more harshly than you want, when you indeed had an opportunity to express it, but failed to do so.
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