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Re: Poll: How meaningful are other people's aikido rank to you?

Daren Sims wrote:
Fair enough m8.....I don't mind a battering as long as the guy is smiling....

I had a beer with Terry and his guys in Cardiff....2003 I think.

One of his guys said "you train like us"....I think this was a compliment so I can't be too down on you yoshinkan guys.

As for breaking bones...well ...I think it was a lot more common in the old days.

Maybe I'll find out more on that front at the Celebrating 50 years of British Aikido event......


HI Darren

I will be on the mat with Terry in a couple of weeks, plus my Sensei, Garry Masters and Roger Bish.

He will be at the Ken Shin Kai dojo in Portmouth for one of our extended sessions, where all parts Ken Shin Kai come together and train.

Are you going to come to the annual Gozo Shioda Memorial training day in High Wycombe? It is run by Ken Shin Kai and Garry, Roger and Terry will all be teaching there.

All the best,


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