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Re: Poll: How meaningful are other people's aikido rank to you?

Si Wilson wrote:
You obviously don't practice Yoshinkan! With the guys you are describing (old tatty belt), they will batter you! Some of them have required numerous Uke at demonstrations as they have broken the ones they started with!!! I mean broken bones, knocked unconcious, etc.

A world away from soft styles!


Hey, just train and enjoy it!
If this is the prevailing attitude then I must definitely be practicing a soft style.

Uke lends his body for Tori to practice with...not to abuse.

I've trained with Yoshinkan guys in uk....Terry Harrison I believe on BAB course.

Nice guy with good aikido. He...and none of his guys battered me. If they had tried it they'd have only tried it once.

Eric Webber is not wrong in seeking out guys/gals that have the self belief to practice controlled aikido without trying to big themselves up by battering anyone.

Just train and enjoy it? oh I do...but I expect to be in a condition to train tomorrow, next week and the week after that. I dont enjoy some fool trying to boost their ego, feeding off a pre determined attack at the expense of my physical well being.

This is not aikido.


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