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Ibaraki Bryan
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Do symbol Training in Iwama


My name is Bryan Sardoch. I am an American sotodeshi in Iwama studying under Hitohiro Saito Soke. My original teacher in America is Ian 'Noel' Kennedy of Traditional Aikido of Sonoma State University, a branch dojo of Dennis Tatoian Sensei's Traditional Aikido of Sonoma where I trained concurrently (2000-2004).

I received my yudansha certificate from Tatoian Sensei and Bill Witt Shihan almost one year ago (April 2004) just before arriving in Iwama as uchideshi. As uchideshi I was able to find out about a company offering work as an Assistant Language Teacher (similar to JET sans the high pay) near Iwama. A few months after going back to the States, I was contacted by the company and offered a job teaching in a town about one hour away from Iwama.

I currently live in Mito City, about halfway between Naka (my workplace) and Iwama. I will be moving to Iwama itself, with my girlfriend, this month.

For more information, please check out my aikiblog or my regular personal blog at ...

Thank you,
Bryan Sardoch

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