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raul rodrigo
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Re: Equitable?

If you were to mount an Expo type event in my country, you would get the same result: 9 of the top 10 instructors would be men. There would be one woman. She is also the most senior and most skilled of them all. (She happens to be my first sensei.) But the numerical disparity would remain the same: 9:1. I don't see that as a problem, or think that she herself would see that as a problem. Its just a fact: she is the best, and there is no other woman here who is anywhere near her level of skill.

Given that situation, if we were to rearrange the composition of an Expo's teaching staff just to meet PC quota considerations seems pretty silly to me.Some women yudansha want equality in rank? Then they have to earn it, just as my sensei did.

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