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Re: Equitable?

I think that the reason there are so many more good male instructors than female today is because ofr a sexual discrimination. Most martial arts in the past were practiced mostly by men. Some arts were practiced mostly by women. Aikido was developed by a man, in a martial art that was practiced predominantly by men. Yes O'Sensie did have women in his classes, but even tehn looking at old films you see very few women. Aikido is an art that as long as you keeep practicing, you'll keep on getting better. There are still many more men than women who have been practicing and teaching and getting bettter every year. There are some very good women Aikido practicioners. When it comes to seminars, then it really boils down to Who will come. You start by invidting the most knowlegable, and work your way down until you have enough people to fill the even. It would be more of a disservice to deliberately split the menu 50/50 jsut to be politically correct.
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