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George S. Ledyard wrote:
Actually, "transmission" of the art is only "important" to the Sensei and the small number of people who are going to go the distance and take their training to the highest level.
As Gordon sensei's uchideshi, and, in fact, a Gordon by marriage, I must answer..

I have never been so challenged in a dojo, and I have trained in many, Wing Tsun to Daito ryu to Kodokan judo. Nishio. Jiyushinkai, Seidokan, etc, ad nauseum.. Only 12 years, whatever that means. I am not sure of all I am transmitting, but it is an interesting composite.

The rest of the folks, by far the majority, are training for other reasons than to get the "transmission" so to speak.
Is there another reason? I have told my sensei, on many occasions, I am no soldier, I am no contact fighter, what can I give you? I will never be any of these things, but he deems me of good enough character to do it. I still don't understand why, but I must expand into that role. I teach soldiers, chaplains, security guys, medics... I must, for me, and for them. I have no choice. Quit, and give up what love. No thanks. Can't quit sanity as I know it.

They have no expectation of teaching or running their own dojos. They are training for their own satisfaction and the same issues that effect their lives every day effect their training in the dojo.
No such luck.
My own satisfaction means little. Our student's willingness to leave the room, or not, means so much more.

Gender issues are HUGE in martial arts training,
Why? Why? an art which offers advantage over the opponent, regardless size or strength, should be able to back it up. Otherwise, just be a boy's club, like football or politics.

Obviously, I don't find that cr@p acceptable, either. Not in my Very Real World.

Get over it
Get over it
Get over it

and work together.

Or give up this aiki harmony thing altogether, and admit that it's a passive-aggressive grudgefest.

female sitting on the teachers' side, with males looking at me and not noticing the diff, AFAIK,and as far as they know. I just teach.
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