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Re: Equitable?

Emily Dolan Gordon wrote:
Teachers used to be mostly male. In public school.. look at salaries. Look at nursing.
Men used to be the ones that worked themselves into an early grave supporting women and children. I.e., we can state these social issues so that one side looks "bad" and the other "victimized" if we choose our phraseology, can't we? What has this got to do with Aikido, Karate, Jiujutsu, BJJ, etc.? Nothing unless you try to make it an issue. There will always be more men than women in the martial arts, car racing, rock-climbing, white-water kayaking, and so forth. There will always be more women than men in K-12 teaching positions, nursing, motherhood, quilting, and so on. C'est la vie. What's it got to do with Aikido or the martial arts that we need to "do something about it"? Nothing really.
This is the worst problem. People with "issues" inflicting these issues on things better dealt with by considering the " greater good". Hostility never works. Facts do. Honest opinion, sharing, generosity. Let's try that.
Honestly, Emily, O-Sensei didn't give a rip about gender parity in Aikido. I don't know of a single martial art whose founder did worry about gender parity. It's like trombone playing... just do it.
Looking for a dominant male to defend a feminist issue is a pretty fatal flaw. We can do it ourselves, thanks. George gets the politics, thank goodness. But he does not LIVE them. Those of us who DO, this is OUR fight.
Is this a challenge to combat??????
Those who do not watch and listen, lose it.
They lose the women who care about budo.
We'll go do koryu, thanks. They need support, and they know it.
Just out of curiosity, what do you suggest for "support", Emily? Before you stated that you were an "egalitarian". So am I. I hope you're not suggesting that "we should treat women exactly like men, only a little better". Let's treat 'em like Aikidoists (or whatever martial arts) and let them be responsible for their own successes. Meantime, let's focus on the martial arts and not the social issues, IMO.


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