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Re: Equitable?

Mike Sigman wrote:
Why do we need to encourage anyone over anyone else in Aikido? Why not just do Aikido?
Teachers used to be mostly male. In public school.. look at salaries. Look at nursing.

What I think may be happening is that if I don't have a special concern for women (in the eyes of some women) then I am "hostile" toward women.
This is the worst problem. People with "issues" inflicting these issues on things better dealt with by considering the " greater good". Hostility never works. Facts do. Honest opinion, sharing, generosity. Let's try that.

Beccause George Ledyard didn't start an unfriendly thread intimating other people were in the wrong?????
Looking for a dominant male to defend a feminist issue is a pretty fatal flaw. We can do it ourselves, thanks. George gets the politics, thank goodness. But he does not LIVE them. Those of us who DO, this is OUR fight.

Those who do not watch and listen, lose it.
They lose the women who care about budo.
We'll go do koryu, thanks. They need support, and they know it.

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