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Re: multiple teachers in one dojo

Dave Organ wrote:
I agree - my post wasn't as clearly written as it could have been. The point I was trying to make is that in any structure; one person must be in overall charge. Whether that is done democratically or otherwise is up to the person running the dojo.
Use our dojo as an example: As senior student, I do some of the teaching and given my history have some definite ideas on many subjects. Often, these ideas conflict whith my Sensei's. If that happens however; it's her word we follow, not mine - she's in charge. We can discuss it all we want, but once she makes a decision as far as I'm concerned that's it, her word is law.
IOW; the way in which "aikido is not a democracy" is that as senior, the Sensei knows best what and how to teach. If everyone wants to do A and the Sensei wants to do B, the B's have it, IMO.
And what if you have four or five seniors of similar rank and experience?

I'll agree that in most dojo there is one person in overall charge - but that doesn't mean that it is the only way to run things, or even the best way.



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