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Re: Ki Usage and O-Sensei: A Question

Alfonso Adriasola wrote:
my understanding , mostly from discussions by people who know more than I do, is that "Aiki" is something totally different than "Ki" or "Ai Ki" as is used by Aikidoistas
Yes, "Ai ki" ("aiki" if you prefer) is a concept of strategy or engagement while "Ki" is something different.
Under that definition "Aiki" doesn't have so much to do with "Centering" and "Kokyu" and "Ki", but it does on strategy and manipulation of an opponent , in very specific ways which are particulary practical in sword combat.
Well, I never said or implied that aiki and ki and centering were the same things, so I won't comment about that anymore. The idea of "aiki" is not singular to Aikido, as you've noted, and it shows up in a number of other martial arts.


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