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Adam Alexander
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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

David Valadez wrote:
1...In other words, and specifically, isn't what the woman did (hitting him when he was on the phone) the "asking for it," and what the man did (as was said earlier in the thread) what any other person might do (were her mate not there and were he not intent on such an act of violence)?

2. .... Hence, I think folks in the thread that are noting apathy, cowardice, a lack of concern for one's fellow man and/or one's culture, etc., might be dead on here.

3. I agree, it's the business' job to keep order in the line. However, saying something, and expecting something, are entirely different from deserving what actually came to occur.

Regarding 1) Whenever a situation develops, you've got the choice between escalation and de-escalation--nothing else. If you're a party to the escalation, it's your choice--he made that choice by saying something.

Now, I'm not saying she was right. But he was definitely wrong(this is personal opinion formed out of the belief that the property owner has the right to run the business how he likes without my interference). Again, it's the business owners business. If you don't like people cutting the line, go somewhere else. If every business allows people to cut the line and you don't like it, start your own pizza shop where you'll take care of people who cut the line.

Regarding 2) Irrelevant being that I still see the pizza man as asking for it.

Regarding 3) I think this one boils down to personal beliefs. Apparently, I believe that the solution to such a problem is to stop supporting a business who doesn't care enough about me to handle such an issue. The solutions, again, is to leave and pay people who, in this case, keep order.

For those who disagree with me, it appears to me, that you have the belief that you have the right to direct the order of someone else's business.

My thought on that is that you subscribe to the same ideology as the line cutter. You have a belief about how things should be run and then you implement them.

Dan H., I do believe that a woman acting in a certain way is asking for it--in the same way that if I were tap dancing in front of a rattle snake, I'm asking to get bit. It's nature. You can't change that.
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