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Re: Ki Usage and O-Sensei: A Question

Mike Sigman wrote:
Tll, you can practice doing things "ai ki" without necessarily using the core strength of Aikido.
my understanding , mostly from discussions by people who know more than I do, is that "Aiki" is something totally different than "Ki" or "Ai Ki" as is used by Aikidoistas

I think some of the confusion in the discussion may come from equating this concept. I've read a description of the "Aiki" concept as understood in classical japanese swordsmanship (sorry I forget the details to put the link) . Under that definition "Aiki" doesn't have so much to do with "Centering" and "Kokyu" and "Ki", but it does on strategy and manipulation of an opponent , in very specific ways which are particulary practical in sword combat. This stuff is what resonates with some comments by O-Sensei as to Aiki being a way to get someone to do what you want them to.

It seems clear to me that Takeda taught "Aiki" to O Sensei and that the techniques of Aikido may have that concept in them though probably not overtly taught.

What you're talking about seems different to me. Not being a student of Aikijujutsu I can't really say if i'm misleading you though..


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