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Re: Equitable?

Larry Camejo wrote:
Now that makes real sense in my opinion. Quality, not attempts to be overly PC as far as I'm concerned should be the requirement.
What exactly is PC about women instructors?
I guarantee you that I can get away with instructing things men get in trouble for teaching. *grin*

Before I jump into this one, I have to say that I am only sounding like a feminist because I am trying to be an egalitarian.

I would like for gender to be completely invisible. Okay, vive la difference and all that. I LIKE being female, and I like men.

If this makes me more acceptable to you, shame on you.
Imagine me as Tank Girl. With a crush on your wife.

Thus framed, I begin:

I do not agree that women need special treatment at all. All we need is a chance to prove ourselves. second paragraph, many good articles about gender history & interaction.

Sometimes you don't "get" the chance. Gotta take it.
Furthermore, for those willing to "prove it" those who don't give you that little chance, lose.
This is what instructors have to realize.
Females have to realize that they can do anything. I work with soldiers, many of whom are far more physically sturdy than I, and I have a lifetime of manual labor, budo, animal handling and a culture which discounts women as either mere brood mares or decor.

I don't even have words to describe the strength, physical, spiritual, and emotional, of the women I meet who are involved with the Army. Whether they are under fire, in command, holding down the fort at home or POW (Shoshanna Johnson!), they are self-possessed, adaptable, powerful and perceptive.

I'm not so sure if the ratio of male to female instructors in the world is not represented by the numbers represented at the Aiki Expo this year.
It probably is.
Why is that? Is it really a failing, or possibly a lack of interest in our passive, consumerist society of women in taking responsibility for themselves instead of "renting" power?
We don't need to rent any damn thing. We've got it right here.

Then again, where does the lobbying stop? Similar to what Bryce said - when we have enough female instructors, will we then start asking why there are not enough african, hispanic, indian, christian, moslem, buddhist, hindu or [insert category here] instructors at the expo? To echo Mike above, what bearing does this actually have on our personal quality of training in good Aikido?
Women are all of the above. Not a subgroup. Just people.
And, none. Should be none. Should be a NON-ISSUE.
However, on both sides, can you see a problem here?

What about the men who want so badly to be midwives? Quilters? Dancers? Professional gymnasts, or nurses? Teachers?
Men who are artists?
Now, you (Americans mostly) are saying to yourself, yeah, gay men.

Just like female soldiers aren't necessarily gay.
And who cares anyway? The British army happily recruits alternative sexual orientations. Whose business is it, in business, who you XXXX, or want to XXXX? Never mind that the US Army lives in the bloody Stone Age. Don't ask, don't tell, WHAT exactly?

Personally I believe we must be the change we wish to see in the world.
Sometimes, we just have to make it happen.
Are we so frightened of our own gender and its interaction?
Life is sexually transmitted, after all. Without it, we cease to exist. So get over it, already.

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