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Re: Ki Usage and O-Sensei: A Question

Benjamin Edelen wrote:
There are many who believe that Osensei's "demonstrations" of ki were considered to be parlor tricks.
They are parlour tricks. However, they're important parlour tricks because they're being used to demonstrate the core strength that is part of bona fide Aikido. Tohei also recognized this aspect of the core strength and was smart enough to make this type of strength the basis upon which he founded his offshoot organization. I.e., there's a reason for these "parlour tricks".
Many uchideshi claim that daily training had little resemblence to the surviving cinematography of Osensei and his feats. "Aiki" is one of the core tenants of Daito Ryu, at least as described by Kondo sensei, so if aiki was invented by Osensei he must have taught it back to Takeda sensei. That seems unlikely to me.
Well, you can practice doing things "ai ki" without necessarily using the core strength of Aikido. In fact, that's what I think most people do... external techniques of blending, etc., but without the extensive core strengths. I have to note that from all accounts, O-Sensei seems to have deliberately not shown the uchi-deshi how he trained those strengths.... he considered the knowledge important, as do most other martial artists in Asia.

My point was that it's possible for Takeda to have done "ai ki" techniques without the core strength. Personally, I don't think that's what happened... I think Takeda was knowledgeable about those things. However, someone mentioned the possibility that O-Sensei added his later knowledge of ki-strength, etc., to the aiki techniques he learned from Takeda and it's a new idea for me. I'm just feeling around to see if anyone has knowledge, gossip, etc., etc., to add to what I know.

Thanks kindly for the input.

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