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Adam Alexander
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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Dave Organ wrote:
opinion is almost unanimous that the guy 'got what was coming' to paraphrase. One even said he would have stood by and watched - not because of the risk of getting involved which is either sensible or cowardly, depending on your outlook but because he's a 'big fan of people minding their own business'.

This was flat-out an unplanned trap. Unplanned in that these two had no intention of going in to beat some guy up, but a trap nonetheless. Both were a ticking time bomb - she much worse than he. The 'Bully' is nothing more than a p-----y puppet 'standing up' (in his little peanut brain) for his girl, and using the excuse to get some free ego points at the same time.

OK, well the victim certainly shouldn't have squared off with the big dude, right?
First, that guy was looking for it by the way he acted. Therefore, this is not an instance of "when not looking for trouble..."

Two, "not getting involved," as I said, isn't smart or cowardly. It's respecting the privacy of the "victim" who initiated the trouble.

Three, as far as someone cutting the line, it's not the consumer's job to maintain order in someone else's business--it's the business owners job. If you say something to someone cutting the line and it's not your business--expect a problem.
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