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R.A. Robertson
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Re: Article: Penetrating the Heart of Aikido by Ross Robertson

Thank you, Beth, for the kind words and understanding. The only reason these things are hard to talk about is that, well, nobody is talking. However marvelous the mechanics of this amazing life-stuff, it should be a normal, mundane thing to discuss. For humans at least, sexuality is everywhere and in everything. Plumbers, mechanics, and electricians commonly speak of plugging male and female parts together, and I don't see people suggesting that they stay away from kids because of it. Call it yin and yang, or male and female, it's all the same. And aikido, like these other things, is little more than connecting male and female parts together in ways that fit, ways that are creative and constructive.

I think the phrase "takemusu aiki" also hints at this, but perhaps that's another article.

Best wishes for you, your marriage, and your training!

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