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Re: Equitable?

Sensei George,

It is my understanding that Osensei asked that we spread aikido to the world. I agree that means to all people not just men or Japanese, etc... However, I cannot accept that he would have meant to spread just the surface level nonsense so people can sweat a little and feel good and go home in hopes that one or two students in a dojo will get inspired to take it further than average.

I feel that we need to figure out what the road blocks in aikido are -that we have any control over- preventing the typical "client" from being a "student". We have an obligation to remove them. If getting more female teachers in focus will help inspire a female student from getting a sense of gender issues that make her want to quit or just become another client, then we should do everything we can to address that issue. I suppose the main thing is to figure out what the biggest road blocks are first, prioritize them, announce them, and start implementing changes based on client/student feedback. That's basically my current plan.

I cannot accept that I am supposed to just produce a bunch of clients who are just there to have a good time or get away from the house, etc... They showed up looking and desiring change. Our job as teachers is to continually support that desire towards michi.

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