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Re: SD Question - Pizza Parlor Attack

Larry Camejo wrote:
I have a few folks (Boxing types) who train and get hit a lot, sometimes I join them for the experience of getting hit. I agree one's options can get quickly and extremely limited after the first shot lands (especially if you are dumb enough to let it land at full force), but in the video the "victim" was punched in a way that placed him nearer to the point of escape than he had been before the altercation. In fact he was in the doorway at one point and still standing. Instead of turning to go back towards danger (which is what he did), primal instinct dictates "run away from danger" until one's legs gave out if necessary. This has nothing to do with training. To me, it appears the "Victim" may have believed his own bad boy BS so much that he did not know what to do when placed on the receiving end of Bullydom (is that a word?).
Hi Larry,

I've watched it a couple of times now, I just go "oooof" everytime I see that first punch. Ignoring the who started it, who said what, who deserved what arguments, personally, I think that it's a hell of an assumption for any of us to say the guy should have done this or that after he got hit. None of us were on the end of the punch. We may train in Aikido or other arts, we may practice with boxers at getting hit. We understand things such as ma ai and tai sabaki, and using these to protect ourselves to the best of our abilities, but does he? We have no idea. Everyone takes punches differently, some have harder heads than others, some have different pain tolerances, some absorb punches better, there's a whole load of factors involved here that we just didn't experience. Of course, "armchair quarterbacking" a term mentioned above, allows us to give our opinions, but we shouldn't assume that he was capable of anything.

If someone hit me with a big punch like that, I reckon I'd be out for the count, if not I reckon I'd be in a very, very dazed state like, even if I was on my feet. Looking at the guys reaction, I don't think he was on his feet for any reason other than the door stopped him from falling down, if you look closely you'll see his knees buckle a bit after he stands still, then the second panch rains in. He was out for the count. I was ringside when Lennox Lewis caught Razor Ruddock with a big punch on the side of the head, Ruddock jerked upright like a coiled spring and went down like a sack of potatos, that was a guy trained to take punches.

despite our experiences of training and getting hit, I just don't think that any of us really know what the guy felt, or what he could do after.

If it was me in the pizza parlour, I'd just hope that I didn't get into that type of situation in the first place .



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